La Crêperie de Josselin | 巴黎 - Josselin可麗餅餐廳

One of the foods that you must have when you go to France is crêpes! I've tried some when I was there in the past, but they weren't anything special, so I kind of gave up on it. However, I decided to make it my "mission" to find a good crêperie this time, and one of the places I came across in my research that looked worth trying was La Crêperie de Josselin.

When I went there the next day, it was already after 13h, but it was still very full with several people waiting for tables. Located on rue Monparnasse - a street lined with crêperies, you'll find that Josselin is the only one that has a steady line. Fortunately, a table for two outdoors opened up right when we arrived, so we took advantage and sat down right away. Even though I don't always like sitting outdoors, especially on busy streets with lots of pedestrians, my hubby and I still enjoyed it very much, despite the cramped seating. We felt that inside would have been too noisy... and perhaps even more cramped!

We were pleasantly surprised to see how many different flavours of crêpe they offered, and the prices all seemed fairly reasonable. In the end, we both decided to go for the lunch menu, which offers a cidre (apple wine), a savoury crêpe, and a dessert crêpe or ice cream all for just €12!(*^▽^*) Yes, it's hard to believe, isn't it?! In big city like Paris, it's not easy to find a decent restaurant with good food and good portions for that kind of price, not to mention the cidre!

Overall, we had a great experience there. The food we got was plentiful and delicious (see photos below). The service was all right, not exceptionally friendly, but given that the restaurant was so crowded (there was a line until right before we finished our meal!), we didn't have to wait terribly long. Unfortunately, they don't take reservations, so don't bother to call. Also, be aware that they only take cash, but at least you don't need to tip. It may be touristy, but I'd definitely come back again, knowing that it won't disappoint!

Since we were both very hungry, we decided to go for the lunch menu, which includes this delicious cidre (apple wine), a savoury crêpe, and a dessert crêpe or ice cream all for just €12! The seats were really cramped but this lovely table brightened up our day! I also love how they serve the cider in this vintage style pitcher.

由於當時已超過午餐時間,我們又肚子非常餓,就決定點 €12的商業午餐。它包括了這壺蘋果酒、一個鹹味可麗餅與一個甜點可麗餅或冰淇淋。在室外的桌子很特別,而且我也很喜歡那裝有蘋果酒的舊式水瓶。

到法國旅遊當然ㄧ定要吃可麗餅!好幾年前去的時候有吃過幾次,因為都覺得很普通,之後就也沒有特別想再嚐試。這次去巴黎,也不知為什麼,突然又想起了可麗餅,就決定去嚐試當地知名的La Crêperie de Josselin。

隔天下午到那裡已經過ㄧ點鐘了,而在同一條街道上也有不少可麗餅餐廳,可是唯獨這家最熱鬧。往餐廳裡面望去,整個都是客滿的!還好當時在外面有兩人的位子正好空出來,我們索幸就坐了下來。其實一般說起來,我並不是很喜歡坐戶外,由其這條街道上的行人還不少,再加上座位又超小的,小到我與老公的身體都是貼著桌子坐(╥﹏╥) 但雖然如此,還是吃的很開心,而且我們後來發現其實裡面的座位更擁擠也更吵雜。

看了菜單之後,我們很驚訝這裡的可麗餅竟然有那麼多種口味,而且價格又非常的親和!因為是第一次來,完全不知道他們可麗餅的份量與大小,當時肚子又很餓,兩人就決定都點 €12的商業午餐。它包括有蘋果酒、一個鹹味可麗餅與一個甜味可麗餅或冰淇淋。在巴黎這種消費高的大城市,要能找到量多、價格合理又好吃的地方還真是不容易!

除了座位擁擠之外,大致上來說我們都很滿意。可麗餅料多又非常的道地(請看以下圖片),服務也算不錯,雖然人多到要排隊,但是他們的動作快速,通常食物不需要等太久。唯一的缺點是這家餐廳完全不接受預約,所以去那裡要有排隊的心理準備。另外,他們也只受現金,但不像美國一樣,您不需要給小費。有機會去巴黎的話,我非常推薦這家布列塔尼 (Breton) 傳統式可麗餅餐廳,它絕不會讓您失望的!

The savoury crêpe that comes with the lunch menu was a buckwheat crêpe with egg, ham, and cheese, which is pretty similar to their signature crêpe Josselin: a crêpe with egg, ham, mushroom and cheese. It may not sound like anything special, but the flavours were right on the spot. It was truly delicious and satisfying!! The buckwheat flour naturally gives the crêpes a darker colour.


I loved the thin, crispy crêpe with soft cheesy filling. The portion was very generous, and you get the filling in pretty much every bite, too! If you don't get this particular crêpe from the lunch menu, I would highly recommend trying one of their specialty crêpes (Couple), which means two layers of crêpes with filling in the middle!

這裡的餅皮薄又酥脆,中間夾帶著火腿蛋與溶化的起司,超美味的!而且他們的份量超大的,幾乎每一口都吃的到中間厚厚兩層的夾心(一層是蛋;ㄧ層是火腿起司)。如果不想點商業午餐,我建議您點他們的特殊可麗餅(法語Couple - 也就是兩層可麗餅與夾心),它其實就跟照片中的很類似,只是有更多口味的選擇。

You can choose either the ice cream or a crêpe for dessert from the lunch menu, but since they're famous for their crêpes, it only made sense for us to get the dessert crêpe.


There were many choices of flavours and I chose the chestnut cream, which ended up not being the best choice of filling. It was a bit too sweet for me. As you may notice in the photo, the sweet crêpe is not made with buckwheat, and does not have the same kind of texture. It was, to the contrary, soft, and still thin - a surprise for me, but I'm actually kind of glad that the sweet ones were different, and I enjoyed it just as much!


As for my chocoholic hubby, you don't even need to guess, he went with the chocolate filling.(;¬_¬) Though I'm not a big chocolate fan, I liked it a lot. It wasn't as sweet as mine, and it tasted like real dark chocolate. Even though the sweet crêpes are smaller than the savoury ones, don't underestimate them - they're quite substantial.

重巧克力粉絲的老公,當然是點巧克力!(* ̄m ̄) 我平時對巧克力並沒有什麼特別喜好,但我還蠻喜歡這個口味,它不但不會太甜,吃起來也感覺是以黑巧克力做的。雖然乍看之下似乎比起鹹味的可麗餅要小,其實它份量還不少喔~

Make sure you come with a real hungry belly if you plan on ordering this €12 lunch menu. We were both stuffed! We probably could've gotten just one menu with a single savoury crêpe, but you know what? It was so good that in the end we stuffed our faces until our plates were empty!


La Crêperie de Josselin

67 rue du Montparnasse
75014 Paris

+33 1 43 20 93 50

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