Kahlua-Chocolate Banana Bread 卡魯哇巧克力香蕉蛋糕

I don't know about you, but whenever I surf around online looking at yummy food photos, it always makes me hungry. And I mean anytime, anywhere, and even after I just ate! That's how this banana bread recipe was born. (/_\)I was pinning photos from Pinterest one night and I came across this Espresso-Chocolate Banana Bread recipe from Yes To Yolks. The idea of espresso, chocolate chips, and banana all together sounded so mouth-watering to me. I had just finished my dinner and had a belly full of food, but at that moment, nothing was going to stop me. I didn't care how late it was, I was determined to make that darned espresso-chocolate banana bread! (*≧m≦*)


The North Coast of Taiwan, Wanli & Jianshan Old Street 萬里、金山老街

It was precisely a year ago when I went back to Taiwan. I started writing this post, but never finished it and decided to leave it that way. It was just too painful for me to replay it all (my father's illness, my husband's work difficulties, having to restart a brand new blog...), but now I feel ready to share - yes, I know it's very late, please forgive me! I realize that I can't let go of these memories, so you'll probably be seeing more posts about my trip to Taiwan in the coming months.