Green Spring Sushi Rolls with Miso Tofu and Edamame-Lime Cream 味噌豆干與生菜養生壽司和青檸檬毛豆醬

One of the reasons why I love making vegan/vegetarian sushi at home is because good ones are not easy to find. Typically, rice is one of the key ingredients for sushi, but sometimes I like leaving it out, especially in the spring or summer time. This recipe, which I created for Sabatier Santoku knife, is a really good example! The kale filling gives it a wholesome, crunchy texture and a very refreshing taste, while keeping it light. Since April is Earth Month, I wanted to make something vegan, green and springy. With the rice paper and all the veggie filling, it's across between a spring roll and a sushi roll. Though the roll tastes perfectly good by itself with the miso tofu filling, the edamame-lime cream adds a nice, creamy texture as well as an interesting and subtle flavour. Besides tasting great, it's an excellent way to get your daily veggies!