Old Port Christmas Market 老港聖誕市集

Last year I had the pleasure of going to Nuit Blanche at the Old Port Market on December 27th (click here to see my post about it from 2 sisters et 1 cat). The market stayed open until about 23h while the rest of the city was mostly asleep. It was certainly a fun experience, but going there during the regular hours at this time of the year is also just as festive. If anything, you can even see more vendors and more products!

The Christmas Market at the Old Port runs from November 21 to December 31 this year. The truth is I've been wanting to do another post about The Old Port Market for a long time! Especially now that we're living even closer to it; we go there just about every week. (We actually only moved a few minutes closer to the market, but it's a great excuse.) The strange thing is, even though I go there all the time, I can spend the whole day there and still discover new things at every visit, and I always come home with my hands (and sometimes my belly) very full!! Since I covered some of the vendors last year, this time I'll feature some of the ones that I didn't get to see and write about, and that I personally like very much. I hope it'll inspire you to come to Le Marché de Noël to taste and see these wonderful Quebec local products!


Coconut Pumpkin Granola 椰香南瓜Granola

When I first went to the supermarkets here, I was surprised to find all these American cereal/granola boxes on the shelves (since I thought bread and jam was more of the traditional breakfast in Quebec)! It didn't matter if it was in the regular supermarkets or in health food stores, I was able to find all those familiar brands and packages that I used to see in NY. That tells me how many people rely on box cereals/granola for their breakfast!


Goodbye, My Baby Angel... 再會了,我的寶貝小天使...

December 2nd started out with a horrible morning for us, and it was by far the worst and the saddest day in my life. We awoke to find our cat, Soji, having a seizure and salivating on the floor. We rushed to bring her to the hospital, but by the time we arrived, she was nearly gone and we had to let her go. It all happened very quickly--too quickly. It was unexpected and yet, expected. We are devastated, all we can think about is her. I knew I would have to write this as part of my healing process.