Rösti (Potato Pancake 瑞士風馬鈴薯絲煎餅)

*This post first appeared in my prior blog, 2 Sisters et 1 Cat, I'm working on moving more posts to My chouchoux.
This is essentially a Swiss potato pancake; it's crispy on the outside and very similar to hash browns, and a little bit like Jewish latkas, as well. It makes a nice presentation and is still fairly easy to manage.  

I've tried different recipes and made it different ways before, but the way my friend Michel made it (see related post, Chez Michel, 1)--and how I like it--is to first cook the potatoes 75% done before shredding them. I know it adds one more step to the process, but the result is crispier! Also, if you have a cast iron pan, this would also certainly help the crispiness factor. If not, it can still turn out very well with a stainless steel pan. Enjoy the recipe and I wouldn't be surprised if you want to make this for your next Sunday brunch as well (...maybe with some poached eggs)!


Pan Seared Cheddar-Sweet Potatoes 煎燒巧達奶酪地瓜

A lot of our friends do not think we snack as much as they do (they know I'm a health nut and we're also on the skinny side), but the truth is we munch out just like everyone else. Especially in the afternoon if we had an early lunch, we would have to have a small meal again in the mid to late afternoon...not to mention that our house is always "equipped" with plenty of munchies. (>ω<)


Roasted Beets and Peach Salad 烤甜菜根與桃子沙拉

Earlier last month month, I had the chance to go to a downtown neighborhood event called Cuisinez St-Roch. Pretty much all the food business owners on St Joseph Street in the St-Roch neighborhood (from restaurants to market places) were out selling their food at this big event. Besides tasting all the yummy food from the neighborhood restaurants, I was happy to see that there was one vendor who was selling local fresh fruits and vegetables (see pictures 2-5 below).