Asparagus, celery, and citrus green juice with sprouts and bee pollen 蘆筍芹菜綠色果菜汁與蜂花粉顆粒

Do you normally throw away the woody ends of the asparagus? Here's how you can save them and make use of them. Asparagus is very low in calories, and is a great source of folates, vitamin B-complex, minerals, and anti-oxidants! So I thought I'd try to use as much of it as possible. After tasting this delicious juice, you may think twice before throwing away those tough end parts!


Caesar Grilled Asparagus 凱薩風燒烤蘆筍

I don't know about you, but for me, the best part of Caesar salad is the anchovy flavour! Since I just got a huge bag of beautiful, local, organic asparagus, I thought I'd grill them and top them off with the Caesar sauce from my Caesar Asparagus Ribbon Salad recipe from Foodie In Quebec City last year. I basically recreated the recipe by grilling the asparagus instead of leaving them raw and shaved, topped with chopped soft boiled eggs instead of poached, and finally finished with the Caesar sauce without using the thyme and parmesan cheese.

Soft-Boiled Eggs (法式水煮蛋)

*This was a post that first appeared in my prior blog, 2 Sisters et 1 Cat

I'm an eggy person, you might call me an egg freak. Therefore, I'm very particular about my eggs! If you've ever had a brunch at a French restaurant, you probably have had some soft-boiled eggs before. I don't know about you, but I love having my eggs underdone most of the time. It is fairly easy to prepare; the trick is just the timing. The creamy runny yolk makes it a perfect accompaniment for salads, vegetables, on toasted English muffins, or any breakfast dish.


Asparagus & Zucchini Tartine with Poached Egg, Cheese, and Basil 法式蘿勒櫛瓜蘆筍烤麵包(tartine)與水波蛋

Have you ever tried the combination of asparagus and zucchini together? I was so delighted to see a lovely image on Karolane Rondeau's Instagram feed - "Œuf poché avec des asperges et zucchinis hachés sur un croûton. (Check out her beautiful feed on Instagram that has lots of wonderful breakfast/brunch ideas!) I would never have thought of enjoying them together chopped on a piece of bread, until I saw her photo, which looked really delectable and inspired me to make this recipe! It's sweet, mild, and you can easily pair it with just about anything - if not an egg, perhaps with your favourite cheese, or with a piece of prosciutto or smoked salmon. It'll all work, and would make a perfect Sunday brunch!


Avocado Toast with Red cabbage, Microgreens, and Hazelnut Oil 紫色高麗菜與野菜苗酪梨醬土司

I started out making this avocado toast more than a month ago. It was just a quick thing to make and I happened to have the ingredients on hand. But then it became one of my favourite avocado toasts! With three super food ingredients: avocado, red cabbage, and microgreens, you'll be getting plenty of vitamin A, C, K, E, fibre, minerals, and antioxidants! As simple as it is, it has all the textures that you'd want - the delicateness of the microgreens, the crunchiness of the red cabbage, and the smooth texture of mashed ripe avocado. What makes it really special are the subtle flavours from the red chilli peppers and the hazelnut oil! It makes a perfect breakfast, brunch, lunch, or snack, and I know it'll become one of your favourite avocado toasts as well!