Coping With the Loss of Your Pet 走出失去寵物的悲傷, 2

I know you might think I were crazy if I told you that I believe in animal communicators, but I ask you to continue to read with an open mind. After my baby angel, Soji, left us, without even discussing it with each other, my husband and I both knew what we were going to do next - yes, consult with an animal communicator! Soji's last veterinarian, Dr. Anne-Marie Gagnon, is a holistic vet who was able to communicate with Soji on the surface level and send her energy to help her during her sickness. When we spoke to her on the phone and asked her if she knew anyone who could help us, she kindly recommended us to someone she knew, Susan Hamlin. 


Poached Eggs 水波蛋

*This was a post that first appeared in my prior blog, 2 Sisters et 1 Cat
This is one of my favorite ways to enjoy eggs, and I'm about to share with you a quick way to impress someone on this Valentine's Day! Those of you who are easily intimidated by those two words - poached eggs, don't let yourself believe that you can only enjoy it in restaurants. You just need to know a few things before you start. 


Penne with Fiddlehead Ferns, Yellow Wax Beans and Lemony Spinach-Pistachio Pesto 義大利麵與野生蕨菜、菜豆和檸檬菠菜開心果青醬

When I went to the Marché du Vieux Port a few weeks ago, I was very happy to see that slowly, spring vegetables are starting to make their appearance. Besides some lettuce, one of the few greens you'd find are fiddlehead ferns. When I first encountered this rare spring delicacy back in 2010 in New York at a farmer's market, their unusual curlicue shape caught my eyes and lit my curiosity. If I remember correctly, it was just starting to get some "recognition" at the time. Without knowing exactly what it was or how it tasted, my intuition told me to grab a handful of them. I was so excited about it that I rushed home and immediately cooked them that evening! O(≧▽≦)O

Lemony Spinach-Pistachio Pesto 檸檬菠菜開心果青醬

Whenever the whether starts to get warm, I like to incorporate more herbs, such as basil, parsley, and chives in my cooking. Every year around this time, I buy several different pots of herbs to grow. Unfortunately, they always die in the winter, since it's so cold here. I can't seem to keep any indoor plants without my cat eating them. Given all that, it's still worth it for me to get them and enjoy them, even if only for a few months.