Blueberry Earl Grey Iced Tea 藍莓伯爵冰紅茶


Wait! If you just made my Blueberry Earl Grey Tea Jam, don't wash that pot yet. This is a very simple and quick recipe that you can make from your leftover tea bags of the blueberry earl grey tea jam. My mom always tells me to reuse food if it's possible, and here is a perfect example of how you can do so. I hope you enjoy both the jam and the iced tea, and I especially want to encourage everyone to think of ways to reuse some of the food that we normally throw away! (*^▽^)/

Blueberry Earl Grey Tea Jam 藍莓伯爵茶果醬

Making many different varieties of jam during the summer with fresh berries can be a lot of fun, but without any special flavour, it can be a little boring to me. I especially love trying out flavours that I don't often see from the stores. Since I'm a tea lover, I thought I'd try to make my blueberry jam this year with Earl Grey tea. I've never seen a blueberry and Earl grey tea jam before, so I was a bit skepticle first but as I was cooking the mixture and with the wonderful smell coming out, I knew that my decision was a good one (“⌒∇⌒”) It's a perfect accompaniment for a simple piece of bread, crossiant, or scone, plus you can also make a delicious blueberry Earl grey iced tea from this recipe!