Cranberry-Orange Tequila Cocktail With Cinnamon 蔓越莓柳橙龍舌蘭雞尾酒

I'm not big on drinks and don't normally order drinks when I go out, but occasionally, when we have friends over for dinner, I like to make some light cocktails to go with the hors d'oeuvres and to whet our appetites before the meal. This time of year is cranberry time. Their ruby red colour always fits the holiday season so well, and their tartness is just tart enough to remind us to feed our souls a little extra sweetness over the coming year. For this drink, I used fresh cranberries with orange juice and maple syrup (no sugar!) as a base, infused with the comforting aroma of cinnamon. I hope their tastes and smells will help you make a good impression for your guests before your holiday meal! Merry Christmas!


Cheese Fried Egg, Mushroom, and Avocado Sandwich 起司煎蛋、酪梨與蘑菇三明治

Even though I've been on Instagram for about a year, I hadn't been very active until recently. I must say that it wasn't the easiest thing for me in the beginning. Normally when I finish cooking,   taking photos of my daily meals is the last thing on my mind. Instead, I would rather rush to the table and eat.(≧▼≦;) Seriously, I love my food fresh and hot. Having to take those few extra minutes for the photo, and watching my hot plate get cold in my 10C kitchen in the winter is not my thing.


Overnight Quinoa and Oat Porridge with Apple Pecan Pie Topping - hot method 蘋果派免煮燕麥粥

I love cold cereals, but on freezing cold days like we have in Quebec (when it starts to go below -5C), it's no fun to wake up shivering and then have to swallow a big bowl of cold cereal first thing in the morning! I'd say it's time to make some adjustments in our habits to fit the winter. What do you say? As we all know, a good breakfast is an important start to the day. Especially when the weather is cold, my body often screams for hot food in the morning. Growing up in Taiwan, I was always given warm or hot food by my mom in the winter. There's something comforting about that, and further, I was told that eating cold food would only make your body work harder to stay warm.