Coconut-Banana Chia Pudding with Lime 香蕉椰奶奇亞籽布丁

For a while, I've been waiting to make this delicious-looking super creamy coconut banana chia pudding from Fedelicioso, and I finally have some ripened bananas on hand! I love anything with banana or coconut, and when I saw her recipe on Instagram, I just knew that I'd have to try it. The end result was indeed very creamy as she described! 

Since I have some lime, and I know that coconut and lime go well together, too, I decided to make the flavour slightly different here. Also, in her original recipe, she blended all the bananas with coconut milk, and garnished with more banana slices on top. Here, I made some mashed bananas (but left them slightly chunky) and added them in between the creamy, banana-y pudding layers instead. Do check out her blog - Fedelicioso and her Instagram for many more delicious ideas. Thank you so much, Federica, for this inspiring and delicious recipe! It just might become one of my favourite vegan breakfasts and desserts!!

Coconut-Banana Chia Pudding with Lime (about 4 servings)

A: 1 can   whole fat coconut milk
    2 large ripe bananas
    2 T   coconut water or spring water
    juice of 1 lime
    zest of 1 lime
    2 t       maple syrup

6 T chia seeds

B: 2 ripe  bananas, broken into large pices
    1 t       lime juice

C: 1/3 C   toasted coconut
    zest of lime

*T = tbsp, t = tsp, C = cup

1. Blend together ingredients A until smooth, then add the chia seeds and use a whisk to mix well. Transfer the mixture into a large glass jar or container. Cover and let it sit in the fridge for 2 hours or overnight.

2. Before serving, use a fork to press ingredients B together in a bowl until the texture is to your liking, *I left mine slightly chunky.

3. In 4 serving jars or cups, spoon in some mashed bananas, pour in some chia pudding to fill the jar about half way, then repeat both steps to fill up the jar. Garnish with ingredients C on the top. *You can store the jars with closed lids and keep them in the refrigerator for 3-4 days.

                                                                                               - Yvonne


香蕉椰奶奇亞籽布丁 (約4人份)

A: 椰漿      1 罐
    熟的香蕉 2 根 (大條) 或3 根 (小條)
    青檸檬   1 顆…削皮與壓成汁
    楓糖漿   2 茶匙

奇亞籽 6 大匙

B: 香蕉       2 根
    青檸檬汁 1 茶匙

C: 椰子   1/3

1. 將A料打細後,加入奇亞籽並以攪拌器混合。倒入ㄧ個大的玻璃容器中,蓋上蓋子放入冰箱冷藏至少2個小時或1個晚上。

2. 食用之前,將B料放入ㄧ個碗裡,以叉子稍微壓至自己喜歡的質感。

3. 在4個玻璃瓶中分別倒入一半的香蕉泥,再分別倒入一半的布丁,重複這個部驟將玻璃瓶添滿,然後在上面撒上一些C料即可食用。*若不馬上食用,可以將瓶罐密封,可放冰箱3-4天。

                                                                                               - Yvonne

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