Lentil-Fennel-Apple Salad With Lemon-Hazelnut Vinaigrette 球莖茴香、蘋果、法式扁豆沙拉與檸檬榛果醋醬汁

While most places have been greeted by the arrival of spring, the blossoming of flora, and the abundance of vegetables in the past few weeks, Quebec still remains under 10 degrees most of the time. In fact, we still had some snow here and there until just a week ago. The temperature finally rose! Most of the spring vegetables are not usually out for another few weeks. By this time, I'm already itching for something a little lighter and more cleansing for a change.

The story of this recipe started when I was out with my friends, who have been wanting to eat healthier and better. Like many people, they are often concerned about what they should make for everyday meals. When we were in the market together, they insisted on buying me the key ingredient of this recipe: fennel. I promised them that I would make good use of it and dedicate this recipe to them to inspire them to eat differently.


This spring dish (or should I say, early spring for Quebec!) is perfect for this time of the year, especially if you still don't quite have many choices of vegetables and fruits. Lentils are a great substitute for meat. The dish can be served as a one dish meal with a piece of bread, or it can also be served with a small piece of fish if you'd like to add some Omega 3. It's packed with protein, vitamin C, fiber, potassium, and even folic acid, which is beneficial for pregnant women! It's also very low in calories and cholesterol. The slightly sweet and anise-like tasting fennel goes perfectly well with apples and lentils, plus you get the delicious lemony and nutty vinaigrette. Most importantly, it doesn't require much cooking at all! Try it for your next weeknight meal, and I hope the beautiful spring has arrived wherever you are!



Lentil-Fennel-Apple Salad With Lemon-Hazelnut Vinaigrette (4 servings)

A: 2 C    cooked French lentils (about 1 C dried lentil) *For instructions on how to cook French lentils, please read The Perfect French Green Lentil
    1       fennel, cored and cut into about 1/2"/1.2 cm dices (about 2 C) *If you're not familiar with fennel, please read instructions on How To Prepare Fennel
    2       apples, cored and cut into about 2/3"/1.5 cm dices 

B: 1/4 C + 2 T   lemon juice *Here, I actually used Meyer lemons
    1/4 C           apple cider vinegar
    2 T              extra virgin olive oil
    1/4 C           hazelnut oil
    sea salt and black pepper

fennel fronds

zest of 1 lemon or Meyer lemon 

1. Place ingredients A in a large mixing bowl.  

2. Mix Ingredients B together with a whisk, then add B to A. Mix and season well. 

3. Chop the fronds and sprinkle them over the salad right before serving. You can serve it with either some toasted bread or with a piece of fish.

*Since both the fennel and apple tend to oxidize, you can prepare just the portion you'd like and store the rest of the ingredients like cooked lentils, and the vinaigrette in the refrigerator for your next use.

                                                                                               - Yvonne

Be sure to save the stalks and use some when you cook the lentils.
記得將梗留下來,煮綠扁豆時可以加一些一起煮,味道會更香喔~ ( ^∇^)




球莖茴香、蘋果、法式扁豆沙拉與檸檬榛果醬汁 (4人份)

A: 煮好的扁綠豆    2 杯 (約1杯未煮熟的綠扁豆) *食譜請閱讀法式綠扁豆
    球莖茴香         中型1顆…切成約1.2公分塊狀 (約2杯) *球莖茴香處理方式請閱讀如何處理球莖茴香
    蘋果               2 顆…切成約1.5公分塊狀

B: 檸檬汁     1/4 杯 + 2 大匙 *我在這裡使用的是梅爾檸檬
    蘋果醋     1/4 杯
    橄欖油     2   大匙
    榛果油     1/4 杯
    海鹽、黑胡椒 少許



1. 將A料放入一個大的容器之內。

2. 將B料攪拌好,然後加入A料一起拌勻。

3. 將葉子的部分稍微切碎,食用前撒在沙拉上即可,和烤麵包或魚一起享用是再適合不過的了!


                                                                                               - Yvonne

Here, I actually used Meyer lemons. If you can find them, they'll make the dish taste even more unique!



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