How To Prepare Fennel 如何處理球莖茴香

Slightly sweet with a liquorice flavour, fennel has a celery-like texture and is nice to enjoy raw. Growing up in Taiwan, I'd never seen it before I went to NY, and even then, I didn't dare to try it until after I got into cooking. It's actually extremely easy to prepare, and is a great addition to your salad, fish, or even meat dishes. Use both the bulb and the fronds to add this unique flavour to your dish! 


How To Prepare Fennel

1. Rinse the fennel well and dry it with a towel.

2. Remove stems by cutting off closely to the bulb. *Be sure to save the fronds for adding more flavour as well as a beautiful touch to your dish. Use the stems for your stock.

3. If your fennel is big, you might want to use a peeler to trim off the outer stringy layer from the bulb.

4. Cut the bulb in half lengthwise, then remove the core. 

5. You can either slice it lengthwise or widthwise, or cut it into small dices. 

                                                                                               - Yvonne



1. 將球莖茴香整個洗淨,再以乾淨的布擦乾。

2. 將球莖上面的梗切除*不要將梗和上面的葉子丟棄,葉子有香味,可以稍微切碎後撒在料理上面。至於梗,也可以留下來和高湯或豆子等一起煮,以增加香氣。

3. 如果球莖比較大顆,外層會較粗也較老,可以稍微刮去外層。

4. 將球莖切一半後除去心。

5. 可以縱向或橫向切片,也可以切小丁。

                                                                                                                                              - Yvonne

Left: Do not discard the stems. Use them in bouquet garni with celery, bay leaves and other herbs to flavour your broth or dish.
Right: Use the fronds for adding more flavour as well as a beautiful touch to your dish

左: 將梗留下來和高湯或豆子等一起煮,以增加香氣。

右: 不要將葉子丟棄,葉子有香味,可以稍微切碎後撒在料理上面

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