The North Coast of Taiwan, Wanli & Jianshan Old Street 萬里、金山老街

It was precisely a year ago when I went back to Taiwan. I started writing this post, but never finished it and decided to leave it that way. It was just too painful for me to replay it all (my father's illness, my husband's work difficulties, having to restart a brand new blog...), but now I feel ready to share - yes, I know it's very late, please forgive me! I realize that I can't let go of these memories, so you'll probably be seeing more posts about my trip to Taiwan in the coming months.

It had been more than 8 years since the last time I returned to Taiwan! It was a bit strange at first. As I was growing up, my father loved taking us to the northern shore, and I had so many memories of the coast: its rock formations jutting out along the edge of the sea; the fresh and colorful varieties of seafood; the salty, wet breeze kissing my face. And yet, these memories became vague over time. I was especially grateful this trip gave me the opportunity to refresh my memories and make them, once again, real, so I could take them back with me to my new home. It occurred to me that my country is becoming less and less familiar each time I go back. In fact, I often felt like a foreigner as I walked on the streets where I grew up!

Just as when we were younger, my father drove us to the northern coast, to Wanli. The Wanli district is famous for its tourism and seafood. Much of our ride there was next to the coast, so you could really enjoy the scenic view. I realized how much I missed those coastal drives and how beautiful Taiwan is. It's a different kind of beauty than in the West: watching the endless horizon, reconnecting with my childhood memories, letting the wind carry away my worries, just enjoying the moment and letting myself soak in the sensations, the smells, the sounds, and the tastes of my childhood…

The island you see in the distance is Keelung islet

這篇遊記,其實早在去年就應該寫的,當時寫了一半之後就一直擱在一旁。它使我回想起去年回台灣的原因以及一些不想留在記憶裡的雜事 - 從老爸生重病、到老公工作上遭受不平等對待、與重新成立新的部落格等。而如今,一年的時光已過,雖然令人感傷的事還是不斷的在發生中,但我已經學會去接納那些殘酷的事實,並與"它們"平和的共存。最近決定重新打開這篇未完成的文章,並將它分享給大家。是的,我知道等了這麼久真的很不應該,還有一些其它舊的文章,我也會在以下幾個月中碌碌續續將它們分享出來,先在這裡請求大家的原諒!ω`)



A fishing jetty

The rocks in Wanli are famously unique! Since the seaweed season runs from March to July, you can see that a lot of the rocks are adorned in their green garments.


If you're not in the mood to cook, you can simply select your seafood and have them cook it for you on the spot.

We were going to just stroll around, but when we saw all this fresh seafood, we couldn't resist and had to stop (and eat!). There are many varieties of seafood, including sea urchins...

...and sea cucumbers!

If you have the chance to come here, the famous Wanli crab is a must!!! The varieties include flower crabs, three-spotted crabs, and stone crabs. You can enjoy the flower crabs (pictured above) pretty much all year round, even though the crab season officially begins in autumn.

The flower crabs have a bright red color. The arms and legs seem thin and long, but they're actually very meaty and delicious! 

The shrimp tasted so good! Fresh and sweet!
好久好久沒吃到蝦子有那麼鮮美的蝦子了! O(≧▽≦)O

We went to Jinshan Old Street later on after snacking on the fresh seafood, and the first thing we saw when we got out of the car was a full truck of pineapples. The pineapples in Taiwan taste very different than the ones you typically get in the West. Their flesh is a deeper yellow, and they're very, very sweet--and forget about the amazingly sweet pineapple scent!!


I didn't remember seeing so many cherry tomatoes in Taiwan


The wax apple season had not yet ended, and these looked great! They're one of my favourite fruits from Taiwan!


Sweet potatoes

Candied sweet potatoes

Different varieties of yam chips and fries


You can find some rare wild vegetables here, at unbeatable prices: 1 bunch for NT$20 (70 cents U.S.) or 3 bunches for NT$50. My mom simply had to bring some home.

Just love the colors of these wild vegetables!

Freshly sautéed Taiwanese river snails

Taiwanese dried red sakura shrimp - I love them with simple fried rice!


Fresh, handmade mochi - the texture was so perfect and not too sweet. I will really miss this!!

金包許麻 - 在這裡的麻糬好Q、衛生、也不會太甜

Different varieties of sweet potato starch cakes. They're the best ones I've had so far! Since they're all made fresh and without any preservatives, they only last for 1-2 days, so I wasn't able to buy a large quantity to bring back.
也有各種不同的涼糕,和麻糬一樣,超Q的,是我吃過最好吃的一家!因為全部都是手工新鮮製成,只能放置1-2天,所以一次無法買太多回去 (′︿‵。)

After walking around Jinshan Old Street district, we went back to the outdoor fish market at Wanli. My mom ended up getting several different kind of seafood to take home for dinner, including the flower crabs and cuttle fish (above). They were glowing in the water!

Since all the seafood we bought was so fresh, my mom decided to use either steaming or blanching methods to cook them. This way, we got to appreciate their freshness!

Mom is an amazing cook. She prepared us a meal with all of the fresh seafood we had bought! It was indeed the best tasting seafood I've had in a very long time!




新北市萬里區漁澳路16-3號 (金翡翠活海鮮對面停車廠) 

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