Strawberry Yogurt Chia Pudding with Toasted Almonds 草莓優酪乳奇亞籽布丁

One of the things I really missed during my travels was my chia pudding, and with the strawberry season in Quebec, I just had to make this after my return!

Strawberry Yogurt Chia Pudding with Toasted Almonds

A: 2 C   strawberries, quartered
    1/2   banana, diced
    1 C   plain organic yogurt
    1 t    vanilla extract
    1 t   lime juice
    1 1/2 T   maple syrup

6 T chia seeds

B: 1/2 C  cut strawberries
    1/3 C  toasted almond slices

*T = tbsp, t = tsp, C = cup

1. Blend ingredients A together until smooth, transfer to a large bowl.

2. Add chia seeds to A and mix well. Let it sit for 4 hours or overnight in the refrigerator.

3. Spoon the pudding into serving cups and garnish with ingredients B. *I poured a little bit of almond milk on top to serve also, but it's optional.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        - Yvonne

很抱歉最近因爲旅遊都沒有po新食譜(ノ_<) 旅行的這段時間一直很想念自己做的奇亞籽布丁,現在剛好又是魁北克的草莓季節, 一回來就馬上做了這個布丁!


A: 草莓        2 杯…切小塊
    香蕉        半根…切塊
    原味優格   1
    香草精      1 小匙
    檸汁檬      1

    楓糖或蜂蜜 1 1/2 大匙

奇亞籽 6 大匙

B: 草莓    1/2 杯…切塊
    杏仁片 1/3 杯

1. 將 A 料打細,倒入大型容器中。

2. 加入奇亞籽拌勻,放置冰箱4小時或一個晚上。

3. 食用前將布丁放入杯子裡,放上一些 B 料裝飾即可。

                                                                                                                                                                                     - Yvonne


  1. What a delicious chia pud! I can definitely see myself making this recipe.

  2. Thank you! It's really easy. I hope you enjoy it! (*^^*)


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