Summer Slaw 涼拌高麗菜沙拉

There are many reasons why I love to eat my vegetables raw in the summer: it requires no cooking, no grease, it's refreshing, and most importantly, it saves time! It also allows you to enjoy all the beautiful summer fruits and vegetables in their simplest and purest form, which I often prefer. 

A typical coleslaw is usually made with shredded cabbage and carrots. Here, besides the cabbage, I used one of my summer favourites - rhubarb, along with kiwis. Because of this, the salad contains a high amount of vitamin A, C, and K. Instead of the typical creamy, high-calorie mayonnaise-based dressing, I just used lime juice. Together with the mint, it really brings out the summer flavours. 

This version of coleslaw is composed of only 5 fresh ingredients with some seasonings. It's extremely simple, takes very little time and effort to make, and goes really well with a lot of dishes, like BBQs, burgers, hot dogs, grilled or fried chicken and fish, etc. I know it's a bit unusual to have kiwi in a slaw, but it helps to balance the tartness of the rhubarb. Both the kiwi and the rhubarb are what make it special. When I made it last week for my friends, they found it unexpectedly pleasing. Don't be surprised if you end up making this the whole summer long!

Summer Slaw (4 serveings)

A: 3/4 C   shredded rhubarb (about 2 1/2 inch/6 cm long, 1/8 inch/0.5
    cm wide)
    1 T      cane sugar *I used demerara sugar

B: 4 C      finely shredded red cabbage
    3         kiwis, cut into strips (about 1/2 inch/0.5 cm thick) *If you don't like
              kiwi, you can swab it out with mango as well
    a small handful of mint, finely chopped

C: juice of 1 lime
    zest of 1 lime
    2 T    extra virgin olive oil
    some sea salt and black pepper
    1 t     cane sugar *I actually didn't use it, but if you like it on the
    sweet side, you may want to add some.

1. Mix ingredients A together in a small bowl and set it aside for 5 minutes while preparing the rest of the ingredients.

2. Place B in a large bowl; add A and C. Toss everything together gently and serve. *You can prepare all the ingredients in advance but just don't mix anything together. Only follow procedure 1 & 2 right before serving. If you let it sits too long, it'll get watery and the vegetables will not be as crunchy.

                                                                                               - Yvonne


涼拌高麗菜沙拉 (coleslaw) 是一道在美國非常普遍的沙拉,一般來說是以切細的高麗菜、紅蘿蔔、糖和美奶滋製成。我在這道菜裡除了放有高麗菜之外,還加了奇異果與我在這個季節裡非常喜愛的大黃 (英文為rhubarb),也因為如此,它含有相當豐富的維生素A、C、K。而且我完全沒有使用美奶滋,我只使用青檸檬汁與一點薄荷來調味,所以熱量非常的低,很適合愛健康與怕胖的朋友們。


涼拌高麗菜細絲沙拉 (4人份)

A: 大黃   約 3/4 杯…切細絲 (約2 1/2 吋/6 cm長,1/8 吋/0.5 cm寬) *在台灣
    糖      1 大匙 *我所用的是紅糖

B: 紫高麗菜  約 4 杯…切細絲 *若沒有紫高麗菜,也可以使用一般的高麗菜
    奇異果    3 個…切細條 (約1/2 吋/0.5 cm 寬) *不喜歡奇異果的朋友們,也可以將奇異
    薄荷       少許…切細絲

C: 青檸檬     1 個…壓成汁,並將皮削成屑
    橄欖油     2 大匙
    海鹽、黑胡椒 少許
    糖          1 小匙 *我其實沒有加,因為不喜歡吃太甜,但是若怕大黃太酸,可

1. 將A料放入小容器中稍微拌一下,放置一旁5分鐘以準備其它食材。

2. B料放入一個大容器中;加入AC料。輕輕的將全部材料攪拌好,即可食用。*可以將所有材料準備好,但不要混合,要食用前再做部驟1、2,因為攪拌好後放太久會出水,而且蔬菜也不會那麼脆。

                                                                                               - Yvonne

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