Coping With the Loss of Your Pet 走出失去寵物的悲傷, 2

I know you might think I were crazy if I told you that I believe in animal communicators, but I ask you to continue to read with an open mind. After my baby angel, Soji, left us, without even discussing it with each other, my husband and I both knew what we were going to do next - yes, consult with an animal communicator! Soji's last veterinarian, Dr. Anne-Marie Gagnon, is a holistic vet who was able to communicate with Soji on the surface level and send her energy to help her during her sickness. When we spoke to her on the phone and asked her if she knew anyone who could help us, she kindly recommended us to someone she knew, Susan Hamlin. 

The funny thing is, we had actually always joked about communicating with Soji through an animal communicator many years ago, back in NY. If any of you have watched Animal Planet, you would know the famous show, Pet Psychic. We were big fans of Sonya's, and it was she who convinced us how one could actually communicate with these loving creatures through the powers of mind - from the living to the passed! It was really fascinating to watch how she was able to tell stories that the human companions didn't tell her, or find out some mysterious past of the animal companions for their caregivers. It makes you realize that anything is possible! 

Of course, being a Buddhist, I already believed in spirit, but having said that, when it came time to call this mysterious animal communicator, I hesitated to do so for a week. I was admittedly a little bit skeptical about how this woman was going to help us overcome our grief, and I was also afraid to know what Soji would say to us, since I was still holding a lot of guilt at the time. We finally spoke to Susan about two and half weeks after Soji's passing. She was very kind as she explained to us that it's quite common for a lot of people to do this to seek relief and comfort. She went on to tell us how she would proceed and that all we had to do was to send her a photo of our loved one. 

Since we don't live in the States, Susan communicated with us through Skype. For personal reasons, I won't be sharing everything we talked about with her, but I will tell you that from the beginning of our session, I knew it was real! Not only was Susan able to read Soji's personality precisely, but the very first thing she said Soji wanted to tell us was how much she wanted to thank us for the extra measures we took in caring for her and that she was sorry for how much of a mess she made during her last few weeks. I must say that even though we briefly told Susan what Soji's illness was, we never told her (or Dr. Gagnon) how much trouble Soji had going to her litter box, nor did we describe just how we cared for her. Throughout her last few weeks, we constantly changed her bed sheets every few hours throughout the day. The washer and dryer were running nearly non-stop, but the work was worth it, because that was the best way for us to keep Soji as comfortable as possible. There was no way that Susan could've known this! 

After the session, I strangely felt a huge weight off my shoulders! We were very content to know that Soji was in a good place and that she was pain-free. We had a very nice, up-close, and personal conversation with her for the very first time even though her body was no longer with us. I never forgot the things she said that day and the promises we made with her and we have no regrets. I believe it was one of the most beautiful things that we've ever done!! So for those of you who are convinced by my personal story, I sincerely hope this will offer you another option to help you get through your own tough times. 

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不知道大家是否相信這世上有人擁有超能力能與動物溝通?我們的寶貝天使Soji離開後,我和老公完全沒有討論情況之下,彼此有默契的知道下一步要做什麼 - 是的,我們已想好要與動物溝通師聯繫。Soji生前的獸醫Dr. Anne-Marie Gagnon是位很特別的獸醫,她大部分採用針灸治療、配合同種療法,她甚至還能夠傳送一些能量給動物們,幫助他們與病魔搏鬥。當我們通知她Soji已離開的事,並詢問她是否可以給我們一些建議,她很親切的介紹我們一位她自己熟識的動物溝通師。

有趣的是,多年前早在紐約的時候,我們總是開玩笑的說有一天應該請一位動物溝通師來幫我們與Soji溝通。如果大家有看過《動物星球頻道》(Animal Planet) "寵物媒靈" (Pet Psychic),就應該對這位有名的節目主持人桑妮亞(Sonya)很熟悉。我和老公都是她的忠實觀眾,在節目中她以心電感應與動物溝通,並幫助許多飼主們解除許多他們之前不解的一些問題,或甚至幫助一些痛失寵物的飼主們經過通靈來療撫他們的傷痛,在國外很多名人也都請她幫忙。說起來很神奇,但節目裡總是充滿不同的驚喜,也証實了桑妮亞的超感天賦。因為看了這個節目,使我們深信與動物溝通不是不可能的!








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