Vegan Cranberry Chocolate Truffles 蔓越莓松露巧克力


When it comes to Valentine's Day desserts, fruits like strawberries or raspberries are widely used, but I've always thought that cranberries are such an under-appreciated fruit. They're often used for Christmas and Thanksgiving, but not much else. The truth is, they're a very powerful fruit. The dried cranberries used here contain good amounts of fiber and heart-healthy unsaturated fats, they're also high in vitamin C and have a lot of anti-oxidants, and so can be quite beneficial for your health. Recently, I visited Nutra-Fruit - a local store that specializes in cranberry products. I was really inspired by their product, so I decided to create this recipe for this year's Valentine's Day. (See my Valentine's Day Cranberry Heart Swirl Cheesecake, Homemade Cranberry-Vanilla Butter, Whole Wheat Cranberry Oat Scones)

I know that making truffles for Valentine's Day may seem very clichéd, as there are already plenty of great truffle recipes out there, but I must say that this is a very special and unique kind of truffle: it's vegan, gluten-free, has no added sugar, and has some nutritious ingredients that I love, like avocado, dates, almonds and cranberry powder. As far as flavour goes, I added fresh vanilla seeds and I used another one of my favourite Québec ingredients - cidre de glace (ice cider)! The dried cranberries were soaked in the ice cider before being blended. Because the truffles are coated with cranberry powder, when you first bite into it, you'll feel a little bit of the tanginess, and then the rich chocolate and cranberry flavours kick in with very subtle layers of vanilla and apple cider underneath. The texture is soft and smooth. Since it's sweetened only with dates and the dried cranberries themselves, it's just the right sweetness, so you can appreciate all the other flavours. And what I love most is the rich, red velvety coating of the cranberry powder! The colour is beautiful and so perfect for Valentine's Day. If you're looking to make something unique and healthy, this is definitely the recipe for you! Feel no guilt and enjoy them like you would energy balls!

Vegan Cranberry Chocolate Truffles (makes 12-16)

A: 1/2 C   dried cranberries
    1/2 C   ice cider

1/2 C  fresh dates *If using fresh dates, soak them in warm water for at least 20 minutes before use.

B: seeds from 1 fresh vanilla bean
    2 1/2 T coconut oil

C: 1/2 C    almond flour
    4-5 T    raw cocoa powder
    1/2       avocado, cut into pieces

a little bit of coconut oil

1 1/2 T cranberry powder *I bought mine from Nutra Fruit
*T = tbsp, t = tsp, C = cup

1. Soak ingredients A in a glass jar for at least 8 hours at room temperature.

2. Drain the soaked cranberries and put them in a food processor with dates, and process for about 1 minute. *Save the drained liquid. You can drink it!

3. Scrape down the sides, and add ingredients B. Blend for 15 seconds, then add the rest of the ingredients C and process until the consistency is smooth.

4. Transfer the mixture into a bowl. Press a piece of plastic wrap down on the top of mixture to cover and set it in the fridge to chill for 2 hours.

5. When it's slightly firm, scoop out the mixture onto a piece of wax paper with an ice cream scooper.

6. Take a little bit of coconut oil in your palm and rub it all over both of your palms.

7. Take a scoop of truffle mixture in your palm and roll it into a ball. Put the balls on another clean sheet of wax paper.

8. Spoon the cranberry powder in a small bowl. Take the truffle balls and coat them with the cranberry powder.

To store: Place the finished truffles in a glass jar and store in the fridge for 5 days.


1. With beet powder or raw cocoa powder: Since cranberry powder can be difficult to find (especially if you don't live in Québec), you can either substitute it with beet powder or raw cocoa powder.

2. With cocoa nibs: If you like to add some crunchiness to the smooth texture, mix in about 2-3 T raw cocoa nibs.

3. With melted chocolate: Besides the option of rolling the truffles in cranberry powder or some other powder, you can also roll them in melted dark chocolate. The darker the better, like 80% - 90% is preferable!



                                                                                               - Yvonne

許多情人節的甜點,往往都會使用草莓或覆盆子,我其實很喜歡使用蔓越莓來做情人節的甜點 (請看我的蔓越莓紅心乳酪蛋糕全麥蔓越莓杏仁司康餅自製蔓越莓香草奶油)。它是很健康的水果,含有豐富的纖維、維他命C與抗氧化劑,再說,加上那鮮紅色的外表,大家不覺得它很適合情人節嗎?前ㄧ陣子剛好去一家當地有名的蔓越莓食品專賣店 - Nutra-Fruit ,在買了他們許多的蔓越莓食品後給我許多靈感來寫這個食譜。

我知道情人節做松露巧克力已經是老套了,但是這個食譜可不是一般的松露巧克力喔!它不但全素也無加糖、還有許多特殊與營養的食材在裡面,如酪梨、杏仁粉、中東紅棗與蔓越莓粉等。在口味方面,我加了新鮮的香草還有我們魁北克這裡有名的蘋果酒(cidre de glace)!我先將蔓越莓泡果乾在蘋果酒裡面,再與其它食材ㄧ起打細。由於松露的外層沾了ㄧ層薄薄的蔓越莓粉,外表不但呈現為美麗的紅色,咬下去之後會感覺有點像梅子酸酸的味道,然後是濃濃的巧克力與蔓越莓味(在亞洲若買不到蔓越莓粉,可用其他的莓果粉或可可粉。) 。由於我沒有加糖,松露吃起來不會太甜,加上質感細緻有軟,真的非常好吃!想吃健康或怕胖的朋友們,這個食譜不但讓您做出漂亮又精緻的松露、也讓您不用再擔心情人節吃巧克力會發胖!

蔓越莓松露巧克力 (12-16 顆)

A: 蔓越莓果乾 1/2 杯
    蘋果酒      1/2 杯 *也可以使用蘋果汁新鮮中東紅棗  1/2 杯 *若使用乾燥的,先以溫水浸泡20分鐘

B: 新鮮香草籽…取自於1支香草棒
    椰子油      2 1/2 大匙

C: 杏仁粉 (almond flour) 1/2 杯
    上等未加工可可粉 4-5 大匙
     酪梨       半個…切塊

椰子油 少許

蔓越莓粉 1 1/2 大匙 *買不到蔓越莓粉,可用其他莓果粉或可可粉

1. 將A料放入ㄧ個玻璃罐中,蓋上蓋子浸泡至少8小時以上。

2. 將蔓越莓果乾瀝乾與中東紅棗放入食物調理機打約1分鐘。*瀝掉的酒甜甜的,不許要丟棄,可以飲用或用在其它食譜調味。
3. 加入B料打15秒,再加入C料打至細。

4. 將打好的泥取出,放入ㄧ個容器中,蓋上蓋子並放置冰箱中至少2個小時。

5. 將松露泥從冰箱拿出,以小尺寸冰淇淋勺(或1圓匙)取出放在烤紙上,重覆這動作用完所有的松露泥。

6. 在手掌心中放上ㄧ點椰子油,以雙手抹勻掌心。

7. 將所有的松露泥放在掌心中滾圓,放在乾淨的烤紙上。

8. 將滾圓的松露泥球放入裝有蔓越莓粉的碗中滾動並沾上粉即完成!


                                                                                               - Yvonne

© recipe and photos by My Chouchoux

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