Crispy Curry Tofu with Mini Peppers in Sweet Onion Sauce 甜椒脆皮豆腐與洋蔥醬

Have you ever tried pairing a salad dressing with a hot dish, instead of with salad? This month, I had the pleasure of teaming up with Litehouse Foods and Food Bloggers of Canada, to create this beautiful and flavourful dish with Litehouse's Sweet Onion dressing (from their new Green Garden line). Since this month is the Chinese New Year, I combined some elements from the East in this dish. This recipe shows you how to make the tofu crispy without having to deep fry it or dredge it in flour. Not only does the dish have different textures, but also layers of interesting flavours as well! And the best thing is that it's all made with plant-based ingredients, so it's vegan and even gluten-free! You can serve it with rice or as an hors d'œuvre. Find out more about the delicious dressing and my recipe at Food Bloggers of Canada. I include plenty of photos to show you how to make it, too!

大家知道沙拉醬除了可以用來搭配沙拉之外,還可以與其它料理ㄧ起吃嗎?最近很榮幸的與 Litehouse Foods食品公司和 Food Bloggers of Canada (加拿大部落客協會) 合作,並為Litehouse Food 新系列食品 - Green Garden 的有機甜味洋蔥醬寫了這個美味又健康的素食食譜。這個月剛好是中國新年,我特別在這道料裏面結合了ㄧ點東方的食材。不需要油炸,也可以做出外皮脆的豆腐、且加上咖哩粉、小甜椒、九層塔與風味獨特的洋蔥醬,創造出不同層次的味道,非常好吃!還有因為它的顏色漂亮又看起來精緻,除了當主菜也可以當party的finger food!由於是與食品公司合作的,我無法將這個食譜翻譯成中文給大家,而在亞洲的朋友們目前也無法買到這個沙拉醬,不過我在食譜裡面放了許多照片(還有video),所以大家還是可以參考豆腐的做法,然後加上自己喜歡的醬料ㄧ起食用喔~ (參考食譜請按這裡!)

© recipe and photos by My Chouchoux

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