Cranberry Vanilla Butter 蔓越莓香草奶油

I'm a true butter person! I put butter on almost anything I can think of. I also enjoy making different flavoured butters to go with my breakfast bread. It's not just about the flavour; I also love transforming that pale yellow hue into something colourful and flavourful. Maybe I'm obsessed with colours, or perhaps deep down I believe the colour can bring out the flavour even more. Since pink is one of my favourite colours, I thought I'd make a pink butter for this Valentine's Day. It's innocent, romantic, cute and playful! I'd tried one before with fresh cranberries, but this time, I wanted something that has a really smooth and silky texture, with a unique flavour. Then it struck me: cranberry vanilla butter! A perfect breakfast accompaniment for your sweetie this holiday. To get that texture I wanted, I decided to make a cranberry vanilla sauce first, then blend it together with butter. It was so luscious with a hint of orange and vanilla, and the colour turned out to be perfectly pink and seductively pretty!

Cranberry Vanilla Butter 

A: 3/4 C  frozen or fresh cranberries
    2 T     maple syrup
    3 T     water
    1/2     vanilla bean pod, *scrape out the seeds for later use

B: zest of one orange
    2 sticks of butter, room temperature and cut into small pieces
    vanilla bean seeds (from the 1/2 vanilla bean)

*T = tbsp, t = tsp, C = cup

1. Bring ingredients A to a boil, then simmer over medium low heat for about 6 minutes until the cranberries are soft.

2. When it's slightly cooled, blend it smooth, then press through a fine sieve to remove the seeds and skin. If it seems too thick, just add a little bit of water. *Keep the cranberry skin, seeds, and the vanilla bean you strained. You can infuse them with your tea, it's quite good!

3. Blend the cranberry mixture and B together until smooth. Transfer to a clean glass container and store in the fridge.

                                                                                               - Yvonne


我是個很超愛吃了奶油的人,只要可以塗上奶油一起吃的食物,我絕對會抹上厚厚的一層來享用(*/ω﹨*) 除此之外,我也喜歡自己嘗試做不同口味的奶油,我不止被那不同的口味所吸引,我更喜歡看那淡淡的黃色在製作過程中變成完全不同的顏色!也許是我對色調有強烈的愛好,也或許是看到那漂亮的顏色,會使我更想吃它?粉紅色是我最愛的顏色之一,它總是讓我感覺那麼的可愛、天真無邪、俏皮而又浪漫,想說這個情人節就來做個粉紅奶油好了!我之前有做過一次蔓越莓奶油是直接將新鮮蔓越莓與奶油打以食物調理機打細,但那樣的作法吃起來比較會有感覺到蔓越莓的顆粒,所以這次採取不一樣的做法來完成。我先將蔓越莓煮過,然後打成醬再與奶油攪拌在一起,使整個奶油的質感更細、顏色也更均勻、更粉。另外,我還在裡面放了新鮮香草,與橘皮,所以吃起來有淡淡的香草與橘子味,真的非常的與眾不同喔~


A: 冷凍或新鮮的蔓越莓 3/4 杯
    楓糖漿       2 大匙
    水            3 大匙
    新鮮香草棒 1/2 支…*將裡面的籽都刮出備用

B: 柳橙或橘子皮 約1 1/2 小匙…刮細絲
    奶油 2 條 (16大匙)…室溫

1. 將A料煮滾,然後以中小火繼續煮約6分鐘至蔓越莓變軟。

2. 稍微冷卻之後以食物調理機打成泥,再以細網過濾,如果太稠,只要加ㄧ點點水就可以了!*過濾掉的渣可以留下來,煮茶的時候加進去會有蔓越莓與香草味喔~

3. 將過濾好的蔓越莓醬與B料以食物調理機打細至混合,放置乾淨的玻璃盒中並放入冰箱儲藏。

                                                                                               - Yvonne

The photo shows that I added the vanilla seeds in the first step, but I realized it later on that I should've added them at the last step!


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