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Sometimes we can’t know that a certain place we visit may become one of the most meaningful memories later on in our lives. A few months ago, I wrote about the fish market town of Wanli, and just like Wanli, Wulai has a special place in my heart as well. It was one of those places that my father used to take us to visit a lot when we were growing up, and it was also one of the last places he took us to. When I went back to visit him last year because of his illness, despite his health condition, he was very eager to take us there to walk around Wulai Old Street and taste some native Taiwanese food.

Wulai is one of the districts of the Atayal tribe—one of the original Taiwanese aboriginal tribes, so you can find Atayal tribal cuisine and culture all over Wulai Old Street and some other parts of Wulai. (There are still many native tribal districts in Taiwan.) We had really delicious food there and it reminded me of the true native authentic taste of Taiwan.

I’d like to dedicate this post to my father, who had a lot of passion and appreciation for nature, food, and Taiwanese culture. Thank you for showing me the places that were special to you. Now they are special to me, too. I’m very grateful that I got to spend some time with you and the rest of the family last year when you were still able to take us to the places that you liked. Those beautiful memories will continue to live with me… 

有的時候我們去過的某個地方,在我們意想不到的情況之下,卻成為了我們往後在生命中時常回憶的地方。幾個月前,我寫下了在萬里的回憶,而現在,我想為大家介 紹這個對我的生命中具有重要涵意的另一個地方。對大多數的現代人來說,也許烏來稱不上是什麼非常特別的景點,但從小到大,是老爸時常帶我們去的溫泉勝地, 也是我去年趕回去探望他病情時一起去的其中一個所在。

雖然童年時去過很多次,但有好一段時間沒有去,發現改變不少。烏來老街整理的比以前要乾淨、有次序。那天在那裡吃到了令我難忘泰雅族原住民美食、逛了有趣的烏來老街、也欣賞到美麗的瀑布! o((*^^*))o 它讓我回想起台灣的味道,提醒我們不要忘了台灣原住民美食與文化,我想在此將這篇文章獻給親愛的老爸,他生前總是那麼的熱愛大自然、美食與台灣的一切。謝謝您帶給我那麼好的回憶,我很慶幸去年還能在您病痛時與您和媽媽四處遊山玩水,這些美麗的回憶將永遠留在我的心中


My mom may not know how to use the Internet, nor does she watch much TV, but she sure knows how to pick restaurants! Without knowing about the good reviews of this place, she chose it for our lunch from among the others on the block. They offer many different kinds of dishes and are very reasonably priced. Most of the dishes are between $60 – 200 NT(about $2-7 dollars)!

超會料理的老媽雖不會使用網絡,也不太看美食介紹,但她總能用她的眼力來選出最好的餐廳!泰雅廚房不但菜色多,他們的價錢也非常的親和,大部分的菜都在價格新台幣$60 - 200元之間。

The truth is that my mom picked this restaurant because they were one of the few that offered real stone-seared pork and sausages! We were standing next to the hot stone watching the owners grill the meat. All I remember was the nice smell from the grill, and the next thing we knew, we were already seated inside.


The stone grilled sausage is made with wild boar. It was perfectly delicious as it was, but if you don’t mind having smelly garlicky breath, you should try it with the raw garlic pieces. It will bring it up another notch!!


This is the famous traditional bamboo flavoured rice. The rice is steamed inside bamboo sticks, and it takes a special technique to crack it open.


Since the rice is cooked inside the bamboo shoot, it naturally forms a thin coating of bamboo fiber.

We ordered the bamboo flavoured rice with mushrooms. The texture of the rice was perfect and it had a nice yet very subtle flavour of bamboo. I actually imagined that it would have a stronger bamboo or mushroom flavor, but it was rather light, without much seasoning. I would’ve actually liked the rice to be a bit more mushroomy.

When I first saw the name, Maqao Eggs, I thought maybe it was a specific style of eggs, but as it turned out, the word maqao (in native language Atayal) refers to a type of wild peppercorn. It looks and tastes similar to black peppercorn, but not as spicy. The dish was basically an omelette with maqao peppercorns. It wasn’t as special as I thought it would be, but I still enjoyed it.


The Stone Grilled Pork is one of my favourites! Because it’s made with wild boar, the meat is not as fatty as you may think! It was thinly sliced and sautéed on the hot stone. Love the texture and it was soooo flavourful; you must give it a try!



They have many varieties of wild mountain vegetables in Wulai. Since they’re wild, mom told me that most of them are not available in the city, unless you’re lucky enough to find a vendor who grows them on the mountain.


This vegetable is grown by the owners. Compared to scallions, it’s much more tender and the taste is milder and sweeter. It’s a well-known produce from Wulan. Because the dish was so good, within just a few seconds, and before I could turn on my camera, half of it was already gone! 


Sautéed Bird’s Nest Fern: It was sautéed with garlic slices, dried fish and fermented beans. Everything went really well together and was super tasty. The texture was tender and slightly crunchy. In short, it was perfect! Love it!!



This is another wild vegetable that was also very well prepared, but most importantly, all the vegetables were really fresh. Since the vegetables are always accompanied with some sort of seasonal produce, don’t be surprised if your vegetable dish look slightly different than mine.


Fried Stream Shrimp: Since the shrimp are freshly caught from the stream nearby, they’re much smaller than regular shrimp. The dish was a bit salty, but it tasted good with the scallions and white pepper. I also loved the crunchy texture.

Fried Stream Fish: Just like the shrimp, they’re small but very delicious. They’re served with salted ground white pepper. I personally like the fried fish more than the shrimp. It’s a must-try dish! 


After filling up your belly, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and walk around Wulai Old Street


Atayal Kitchen

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