Blueberry Earl Grey Tea Jam 藍莓伯爵茶果醬

Making many different varieties of jam during the summer with fresh berries can be a lot of fun, but without any special flavour, it can be a little boring to me. I especially love trying out flavours that I don't often see from the stores. Since I'm a tea lover, I thought I'd try to make my blueberry jam this year with Earl Grey tea. I've never seen a blueberry and Earl grey tea jam before, so I was a bit skepticle first but as I was cooking the mixture and with the wonderful smell coming out, I knew that my decision was a good one (“⌒∇⌒”) It's a perfect accompaniment for a simple piece of bread, crossiant, or scone, plus you can also make a delicious blueberry Earl grey iced tea from this recipe!

Blueberry and Earl Grey Tea Jam (makes about 2 C)

A: 2 pints   blueberries (about 4 C), rinsed

    1/4 C     maple syrup

    1/2 C     demerara sugar or brown sugar

    2           earl grey tea bags (I can't tolerate caffeine, so I used earl grey
                 rooibos tea)

    juice of 1/2 orange or 1 lemon

    2 T         water

zest of 1/2 orange or 1 lemon

B: 1 1/2 t    kuzu

    1 1/2 t    water

1. Add A to a pot; heat over medium heat.

2. When the mixture comes to a boil, continue to cook for 5 minutes. When the blueberries start to get softer, use a potato masher to crash the blueberries a little bit. 

3. Turn down the heat to medium-low and cook for another 10 minutes.

4. Add the zest and continue to cook for 8-10 minutes until slightly thicken.

5. Mix ingredients B and make sure there's no lump. Add them to the pot and stir at the same time with a whisk. Cook for another 1-2 minutes.

6. Pour the jam into sterilized jars. Close tightly. (To see details on how to can your jam, please read Simple Home Canning.) *Don't throw away the tea bags and don't wash the pot! You can use the used tea bags to make Blueberry Earl Grey Iced Tea.

                                                                                                     - Yvonne

我最喜歡在夏季的時候使用各種不同的水果製作不同果醬,然而沒有加入特別口味的果醬,對我來說,卻顯得有點單調乏味。我喜愛嘗試在不同水果果醬中加入不同又特殊的口味,我會想一些外面買不到的,做出來感覺特別的有成就感(︶ω︶)。由於我很愛喝茶,決定在這次的藍莓果醬中加入伯爵紅茶口味。在這之前我沒看過有這種口味的藍莓果醬食譜,剛開始,我其實對自己的idea有點懷疑,但在煮的過程中,那伯爵紅茶與藍莓的香氣使我忍不住得嚐它一口!真的超搭的~~~(((o(**)o))) 將這個口味特別的果醬塗在一般的土司、可頌、或司康餅上,不但適合與下午茶點心一起使用,這個食譜還可以讓你做出非常好喝的藍莓伯爵冰紅茶喔~ 


藍莓伯爵茶果醬 (約 2 杯)

A: 新鮮藍莓        約 4 杯
    紅糖或二級砂   1/2 杯
    楓糖漿            1/4 杯 (沒有楓糖漿也可以使用紅糖或二級砂代替)
    伯爵茶袋         2 袋 (我自己不能食用咖啡因,所以選了伯爵南非國寶茶)
    柳橙汁 (1/2 顆)或檸檬汁 (1 顆)
    水                  2大匙

橘子皮或檸檬皮 約 1 大匙

B: 玉米粉  1 1/2 小匙
    水        1 1/2 小匙

1. 將A料放入一個鍋子中以中火加熱。

2. A料煮滾5分鐘後,將藍莓以壓馬鈴薯器壓幾下。

3. 將火轉成中小火繼續煮10分鐘。

4. 加入削好的橘皮或檸檬皮繼續再煮8-10分鐘至稍微呈稠狀。

5. 將B料混合好,慢慢倒入煮藍莓的鍋中,一邊倒一邊攪拌,再繼續煮1-2分鐘。

6. 將茶包拿出後,將煮好的藍莓倒入消毒好的玻璃瓶內(詳細罐頭製作方法請看自製罐頭)。*不要清洗煮過果醬的鍋子,茶包也不要丢棄,可以用來製作飲料,請閱讀藍莓伯爵冰紅茶


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