Roasted Beets and Peach Salad 烤甜菜根與桃子沙拉

Earlier last month month, I had the chance to go to a downtown neighborhood event called Cuisinez St-Roch. Pretty much all the food business owners on St Joseph Street in the St-Roch neighborhood (from restaurants to market places) were out selling their food at this big event. Besides tasting all the yummy food from the neighborhood restaurants, I was happy to see that there was one vendor who was selling local fresh fruits and vegetables (see pictures 2-5 below). 

Since I wasn't able to resist all that fresh local produce, I ended up getting a couple of vegetables that day, including some beets. Because the color of the beets was so beautiful and unusual, I said to myself that I ought to make a recipe and take some photos of them to share with you! Usually when I bought beets, they were a deep, dark red color, but these early fall beets I bought had a beautiful pattern and tasted slightly between beets and radishes.

In the fall and winter, I particularly like them roasted, so the flavor is even sweeter and more intense. In this recipe, the peach vinaigrette really goes well with the salad, but the best thing is that you can make most of the ingredients in advance (like on a Sunday). Whenever you're ready, you just take them out from the fridge and throw everything together!

Roasted Beets and Peach Salad (4 Servings)

2-4 roasted beets (please click here for recipe)

2/3 C walnuts

1 Lettuce

4 peaches, sliced

peach-balsamic vinaigrette (please click here for recipe)

*Procedures 1-4 can be done in advance!
1. Cut the roasted beets into 1 cm thick slices.

2. Make the peach-balsamic vinaigrette

3. Wash lettuce

4. Preheat the oven to 350ºF. Cut the walnuts into smaller pieces and toast them in the preheated oven for 5 minutes.

5. Cut the peaches into 1 cm slices.

6. Cut or tear the lettuce into bite-sized pieces.

7. Put the lettuce in a bowl and mix it with some of the vinaigrette.

8. Arrange the dressed lettuce with the peaches and beets on each individual plate. Drizzle with more dressing and sprinkle some toasted walnuts on top. 

*You can pour the yummy beet juice from roasting over the salad too! (*^▽^*)

                                                                                                - Yvonne

早在個月初時,我正好有機會去鄰近地區舉辦的美食特別活動 - Cuisinez St-Roch。為了讓大家品嚐與熟悉St-Roch區的美食,不只在St-Joseph街上一些有名的餐廳在街道上販賣他們的美食,就連平時販賣當地蔬果的商店也擺了一攤。(圖2-5)



烤甜菜根桃子沙拉 (4人份)

烤好的甜菜根 2-4   (看食譜請按這裡)

核桃            2/3

沙拉菜         1

桃子            4

桃子巴沙米可沙拉醬 (看食譜請按這裡)

1. 先烤甜菜根,再將烤好的甜菜根切成約1公分厚片

2. 製作桃子巴沙米可沙拉醬

3. 先將烤箱預熱至350ºF

4. 將核桃稍微切小塊,放入預熱的烤箱烤約5分鐘

5. 將桃子切成約1公分厚片

6. 將沙拉菜切小片或也可以用手撕,然後放入一個大容器

7. 與少許的桃子巴沙米可沙拉醬拌勻

8. 將拌好的沙拉菜與桃子、甜菜根一起擺放在個人的盤中。淋上更多的沙拉醬,並撒上一些烤好的核桃即可。*烤甜菜根的汁也可以一起淋在上面喔~(*^▽^*)

                                                                                               - Yvonne

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