Pan Seared Cheddar-Sweet Potatoes 煎燒巧達奶酪地瓜

A lot of our friends do not think we snack as much as they do (they know I'm a health nut and we're also on the skinny side), but the truth is we munch out just like everyone else. Especially in the afternoon if we had an early lunch, we would have to have a small meal again in the mid to late afternoon...not to mention that our house is always "equipped" with plenty of munchies. (>ω<)

With a habit of eating more than three meals a day sometimes, I know we have to watch what we eat. Here's a snack that I make regularly during the sweet potato season. It's packed with anti-oxidants, vitamins A, C and other nutrients, plus it is flavorful with a little bit of cheddar cheese on top. It's a tasty and easy snack that you can not only make for yourself, but for your kids as well!

Pan Seared Cheddar-Sweet Potatoes (about 4 servings)

2        medium-sized sweet potatoes 
3/4 C  shredded cheddar cheese (Feel free to use more or less)

1-2 t   grapeseed or canola oil

a little sea salt and black pepper

mixed dried herbs (optional)

1. Wash the sweet potatoes and cut them into 1/3" rounds.

2. Heat a large skillet over medium heat, pour in 1/4 t oil. *if you're using a non-stick pan, you may not need any oil at all. Arrange your sweet potato slices in the skillet. Don't overlap them.

3. Turn the heat down to medium-low and partly cover the skillet, leaving a little gap (see my picture). Season with a little sprinkle of sea salt and cook the sweet potatoes for about 6-8 minutes or until half-cooked. Flip all the slices to cook the other side. *It's very important to use medium-low heat since it'll take a while to cook 

4. Add a little more oil if you need to. Season with a little more sea salt and dried herbs (if using); recover (partly) the skillet again. *Be very careful not to over salt it, since the cheddar cheese is a bit salty

5. After 3-4 minutes, sprinkle a little bit of cheddar cheese on top of each sweet potato piece. Put the cover back on and continue to cook a couple minutes more until they're cooked through. Sprinkle some black pepper and serve right away while it's hot! (*・∀・)

*Depending on the size of your skillet, you will need to repeat these steps 2-3 times to cook all the slices.

                                                                                                - Yvonne


因為有這樣嘴饞的習慣,我很有"自知"的會選擇食用較健康也不太肥的零食(明明就超愛吃乳酪製品!) 今天要與大家分享的這食譜是我自己在地瓜季節時常做來吃的點心。除了具有抗氧化作用及豐富的維生素AC等其它礦物質之外,加上巧達奶酪在味道上添增了起司香,也使它具有更多的蛋白質、鈣質。是道既簡易又好吃的零食點心;不只大人容易接受,平時不喜歡吃地瓜的小朋友也會喜歡喔!

煎燒巧達奶酪地瓜  (約4人份)

中型地瓜             2

刨絲巧達奶酪        約3/4 (可依個人喜好放多或少)

葡萄籽油或菜籽油  1-2茶匙

乾燥香料少許  (可以不使用)


1. 將地瓜外層洗乾淨;切成約5 cm厚片



4.翻到另一邊繼續煎;撒上一點海鹽及香料(如果有使用),再稍微加上蓋子 。*因為加上巧達乳酪後會比較鹹,所以不要使用太多鹽

5.煎約3-4分鐘後,在每片地瓜上撒少量的巧達酪繼續煎幾分鐘至熟。撒上黑胡椒之後趁熱馬上食用!     (*・∀・)


                                                                                                - Yvonne

Here, I'm using a splatter guard to cover the pan instead of a cover, which has holes for the steam to escape

It goes with just about anything too!!

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  1. Love the simplicity of this! Can't go wrong with sweet potatoes in my book :)


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