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Hi Welcome to my page! My Chouchoux is about a journey. From my Taiwanese background, to my experience as a personal chef in NY, to my life in Quebec now--these are the inspiration behind this blog. It is a voyage that began with "chou" (Chinese cabbage) and ended at "choux" (French pastry puffs). Happily, when you say them together you get "chouchou," a sweet way of calling someone "darling" in French (here, my cats, Soji and MouMou have agreed to be the darlings and my occasional guests--OK, they didn't really have a choice ;). The purpose of this blog is not only to encourage you to engage with fresh and seasonal produce more, but also to hopefully inspire everyone to have more fun and be more creative with recipes. In both English and Chinese, I will share with you not only the basics, but also a lot of simple, wholesome alternative recipes, including tips to make your own variations, not to mention some of my culinary adventures from Taipei to Québec.

Hello, 歡迎大家來到My Chouchoux! 這裡記載有從我出生於台灣的背景、到紐約當私人廚師的經驗、與現在居留在魁北克的生活 - My Chouchoux的靈感全啟發於我在不同生活階段與旅程中所學到的東西。寫這個部落格的主要目地,除了想鼓勵大家多使用新鮮的食材與多花ㄧ些時間為自己或家人做些健康的料理之外,還想教大家如何在簡單、基礎的食譜上做變化。從高麗菜(chou) - 中菜到法國的泡芙(choux) - 法國菜、還另加兩隻貓咪 - chouchou (法語親愛的) Soji及Moumou;從魁北克到台北;以英文與中文,我將在這裡與大家分享一些基礎、簡易又有益健康的菜餚、貓咪記事及魁北克與台北這兩個擁有不同特色的美食世界!


Before moving to Quebec, I spent part of my life in Taiwan, but most in NY. Even though I was lucky to have a mother who is an amazing cook, you wouldn't find me near any pots and pans until I moved to NY alone and had to cook for myself! You see, I was raised to be a classical musician, and cooking was simply off my radar. One day, a light went on for me after reading Martha Stewart's Living magazine, and my life took a big culinary turn. Now, my favourite place is the kitchen, and not the practice room! To me, cooking is more like creating music and expressing one's feelings, than following a recipe. I'm the kind of girl who doesn't like to follow rules -- except maybe for baking! Recipes are, to me, just guidelines, but don't worry, the measurements for my recipes are deliciously right.

At home, I like making dishes that are easy, light, and healthy. In this blog, you'll find a lot of vegetarian or vegan recipes, even though I'm neither a vegetarian nor a vegan. I do, however, tend toward a veggie-based diet. To me, life is all about simplicity. The idea of it just makes me happy. I really hope My Chouchoux will inspire you, too, to eat better, to cook more, and to have a different perspective on food. Who says you can't have fun with food?

搬來加拿大之前,我曾在紐約擔任音樂介名人X-Factor審 "L.A." Reid 等人的私人廚師,也是一位古典音樂人。從小在臺灣長大也曾在紐約待過很長的一段時間。雖然從小到大有個很會烹飪的老媽,但因爲是音樂人,一直很少有機會下廚,直到居留在紐約時,在偶然的機會下看到 Martha Stewart 的 "Living" 雜誌並使我的人生產生了大轉變。我開始愛上烹飪,對我來說,它就如同詮釋音樂一般將自己的感受發揮在音符裡,而不是只照著譜彈出音來。也許因為如此,除了烘焙之外,平時不太喜歡完全按照食譜的步驟或食材來做菜。我喜歡憑自己的感覺去做菜、自由發揮,食譜對我來說只是個供我們參考的規格。

的做菜。希望My Chouchoux可以鼓勵大家喜歡並多花時間下廚,吃得有趣且健康!


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  2. Hello! I found your blog via Food Bloggers of Canada's instagram recommended blogs =) I really like your food photos - may I "like" your page on facebook so I can see the latest posts? =)

    1. Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog! I'm very happy to know that you like my photos. Of course, you may "like" My Chouchoux facebook. I hope you enjoy(*^^*)

  3. I am hungry now and will follow you and I will cook a meal for you one day on the beach on CapeCod!

  4. Thank you very much, Marjorie! It's very kind of you!! I hope I would have the opportunity to make something for you, too!


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