Spiced Pumpkin & Apple Overnight Oat Smoothie 肉桂南瓜蘋果隔夜燕麥粥奶昔

My latest must-have has got to be overnight oat smoothies! I've been making overnight oats for many years now, but only recently did I think about blending it into a smoothie! The result is this luscious, thick texture, which I love, and it's much easier to eat and digest for your first meal of the day. For these reasons, it's great for both elderlies and kids, too. Besides the apple and pumpkin, there are plenty of other healthy ingredients such as turmeric, allspice, and nut butter. In addition, it's naturally sweetened by the apples, pumpkin, and dates without any sugar or sweeteners! If that weren't good enough, I also find that by using the combination of allspice and other spices, it almost achieves the taste of chai tea! Bringing more spices into our diet can be very beneficial for our health, too. So start your morning off with this yummy, nutritious smoothie, and taste all the comforting flavours of Fall!

Spiced Pumpkin & Apple Overnight Oat Smoothie (2 servings)

A: 1/2 C    oats *Feel free to mix with quinoa flakes, oat bran,wheat flakes…etc.
    1 T       chia seeds
    3/4 C    milk

B: 1          small apple, peeled, cored and cut into chunks
    3/4 C    homemade pumpkin purée
    4          Medjool dates, chopped
    1 1/2 T  your choice of nut butter (I used cashew butter here)
    1/2 t     ground cinnamon
    1/4 t     ground allspice
    1/8 t     ground turmeric
    1/8 t     ground ginger
    1 1/2 C or more of your choice of vegan milk

*T = tbsp, t = tsp, C = cup

1. Stir ingredients A together in a glass jar and let it sit overnight in the refrigerator. *Be sure to use a fork to stir the mixture well for about 15 seconds.

2. The next morning, blend the soaked oats with ingredients B in a blender until smooth. Add more or less milk, depending on your liking, and serve!

                                                                                               - Yvonne

最近很瘋狂的其中一樣食物是隔夜燕麥粥奶昔!雖然吃隔夜燕麥粥已經有好幾年了,但是竟然一直到最近才想到要把它打成奶昔喝。它具有奶昔一般的質感,而且也因為已經打細,比較容易消化,不管是給小孩、大人或老人都很適合。最近在Instagram上面與一位也超愛分享隔夜燕麥粥的馬來西亞朋友談話(請看她的ig),說到在亞洲,絕大部分的人還是不太能接受隔夜燕麥粥這西洋食物。其實已浸泡隔夜的燕麥就不完全是生的,而且若怕生食,可以使用快煮燕麥、並浸泡於熱或溫牛奶中,甚至還可以熱食 (請參考我的蘋果派隔夜燕麥粥與濃醇黑巧克力熱可可燕麥粥)。除了蘋果與南瓜,我在這奶昔裡面放了許多健康的食材,例如薑、肉桂、豆蔻、薑黃、堅果醬等。它含有許多蛋白質、營養與抗氧化劑,可以幫助血液循環與增強抵抗力,在這個季節飲用是再適合不過的了!

肉桂南瓜蘋果隔夜燕麥粥奶昔 (2人份)

A: 燕麥片   1/2 杯 *可使用ㄧ般燕麥片或快煮燕麥片,而且也可以3 : 1與燕麥麩混合
    奇亞籽   1 大匙
    牛奶     約 3/4 杯 *也可以使用水,若想將燕麥泡軟ㄧ點,可以溫或熱牛奶/水來浸泡

B: 小顆蘋果               1 顆…切塊
    自製南瓜泥            3/4 杯
    中東紅棗 (Medjool dates) 4 顆
    堅果醬                  1 1/2 大匙 (我使用的是腰果醬)
    肉桂粉                  1/2 小匙
    多香果粉 (allspice) 1/4 小匙
    薑黃粉                  1/8 小匙
    薑粉                     1/8 小匙
    牛奶或其他素食奶     1 1/2 杯或更多 (我使用的是杏仁奶)
*如果找不到多香果粉,可以使用1/8 小匙的荳蔻粉 + 1/8 小匙的丁香粉來代替

1. 將A料放入在玻璃瓶中以叉子攪拌均勻,放置冷藏庫ㄧ個晚上。

2. 隔天早上將泡好的隔夜燕麥粥與B料放入果汁機內打細即可,依個人喜好加適量的牛奶調整濃度。*前一天晚上可將其他食材放入另一個玻璃瓶中先準備好,隔天早上只要與燕麥粥ㄧ起加入果汁機就可以了!

                                                                                                - Yvonne

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