Goodbye, My Baby Angel... 再會了,我的寶貝小天使...

December 2nd started out with a horrible morning for us, and it was by far the worst and the saddest day in my life. We awoke to find our cat, Soji, having a seizure and salivating on the floor. We rushed to bring her to the hospital, but by the time we arrived, she was nearly gone and we had to let her go. It all happened very quickly--too quickly. It was unexpected and yet, expected. We are devastated, all we can think about is her. I knew I would have to write this as part of my healing process.

She was diagnosed with a late stage lymphoma at the end of August this year. The way her condition was, we were told her days would be a lot shorter. She was already in pain and was having diarrhea most of the time, but she never gave up! All the vets we spoke to were surprised by how much appetite she had until her very last hours. There were bad days, of course, but overall, she wanted to fight the disease and be with us as long as she could. We've been very touched throughout this whole process by her strong will and, especially, her dignity. 

The most difficult part was coming home. When she was well, she used to run to the door to greet us, then stand up on her hind legs and reach up to us with her front paws, like a dog. Even when she was very ill later on and wasn't able to stand up, she would often make a little noise to let us know how happy she was to see us. She was such a sweetie. Now that she's no longer here with us, the apartment does not feel the same; everything reminds us of her, from places she liked to sit, her bed, litter boxes, food bowls, bed, toys, her leftover food in the fridge, to her screen photo on my iPad...., I could go on and on, but in every corner, there is a piece of memory from her. The truth is she had been a huge part of our lives. When you've been living with someone for so long, you take it for granted, and don't even realize how much you rely on them until they're gone!

Though the morning of December 2nd was not pleasant, it was still a beautiful day to me. The snow started falling a little bit before she had the seizure. I knew there's a reason why Soji chose to leave on a snowy day: she knows how much we love the snow in Quebec. Also coming from New Paltz, NY, she was born in the winter herself, it probably took her back to her early days. Goodbye, my child and my beautiful angel. We thank you for all the love you gave us. Perhaps you're now free like the falling snow in the air, and perhaps we'll meet again one day. Whatever it is, we will always think of you and your beautiful loving soul as we see the snow fall....

This is one of my all-time favourite pictures of Soji! I took this just about one year ago. She is so photogenic, which makes it very easy for me to take her picture. Everyone who met her always told us how beautiful and young-looking she was. My favourite part is her eyes; they're so pretty, like flowers.

Two summers ago, we took her to Plaines d'Abraham several times to enjoy the sun and nature. It was something we'd always wanted to do when we were in NY, but it was not very easy with the crowds and the noise there. I'm so glad she had the chance to do that here. To read and see more photos about our day in the park, click here.

One of her favorite things was to be wrapped in a blanket! The minute I put the blanket on her, she would just fall asleep.




雖然122日那天早晨對我們來說是悲慘的,但它卻又是那麼的美。就在Soji發作前不久,外面開始飄起雪來,我深信她選擇那一天那一刻離開是有原因的。她一直都曉得我們有多麼喜愛魁北克的雪;除此之外,也讓來自紐約上州New Paltz以及出生於寒冷冬季的她,回到她最初的兒時記憶。再會了,我美麗的小天使,非常感謝妳這麼多年來所給予我們的愛。也許現在的妳可以自由的如雪花般在天空中飛舞;也許未來的某一天我們會再相逢。不管如何,每當我們看見雪花飄落之時,它將會永遠讓我們想起妳與妳那純淨又美麗的靈魂…

This was taken about 3 months ago, right after we found out about her lymphoma. At the time, she still looked and acted pretty much the same as usual.

When she was still moving well, whenever I worked with food, she was always the first one to be there! Even though she would disturb my work sometimes, I did not mind and I certainly miss it a lot now…

Another favourite thing of hers was to come sit on our laps when we worked on computers, and she especially loved my husband's lap! I used to joke and say that she was his "secretary." When she was still able to jump two months ago, she did that one night while we were working. Knowing that she wouldn't be able to enjoy it soon, she looked especially sad that night. It was about a week after that she began having serious trouble jumping and almost didn't come to our laps after that…

We have never had balcony with any of the apartment we lived before. After moving to this apartment, the balcony became one of her favorite hang out places!

While she was still able to walk a month ago, we let her went on the balcony to enjoy a little bit of snow. Though it was a happy moment, I couldn't bear to see the wind blew those cold snow flakes on her tiny little body

Since she could no longer walk much during her last 2 weeks and it was really freezing outside, my husband would usually hold her in his arms to let her see the balcony views, and she liked that very much. I love this photo; it was as if she was saying, "I'll always be daddy's little girl!"



  1. Anonymous6/12/13 10:58

    I always remember the first I met Soji at Yvonne's apt is upper west side. She was very friendly to me, she kept wanting to sit on my lap. Yvonne told me she normally does not do that to people whom she just met. I was hoping Philip and Soji could meet too as Philip loves animals. I will surely miss you, Soji~~~~

    1. Oh, yes…, I remember that day and I can assure you that Soji did too. She was always very good at giving people comfort and love. We're very sad that she had to leave so soon. It's too bad that Philip will not be able to meet her…


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