Dark Velvet Hot Chocolate Overnight Oatmeal with Toasted Pecans 濃純黑巧克力熱可可燕麥粥

For all you chocolate lovers, this is the "it" recipe for your morning! I originally started out making this breakfast for my hubby (a hopeless chocoholic), but I confess, I even ended up loving this myself. I know you might be thinking that this looks like a dessert, and how can it be healthy?! Well, that's exactly what I wanted it to look like, but did you know that cocoa powder is one of those super foods? It's packed with fiber, iron, magnesium, and antioxidants. It can be beneficial for high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, and also acts as an anti-depressant. If you're able to find raw cocoa powder, it would be even more nutritious.

Besides the cocoa powder, the chocolate I used was a dark 90% cocoa chocolate, which contains far less sugar. Then I sweetened the oatmeal with just a little bit of palm sugar. It also takes very little time to make since I'm using the overnight method of making oats (see my Apple Pecan Pie Overnight Quinoa and Oat Porridge). My hubby was pleasantly surprised at how delicious and pure it tasted, without tasting sweet like a dessert. You'll really be able to appreciate the rich chocolaty taste, but the key here is to use a very good quality cocoa powder and dark chocolate. Do not use milk chocolate or semi-sweet dark chocolate, it makes the whole difference in terms of taste and sugar content. So indulge yourself at the start of the day with this luxurious yet healthy breakfast bowl without feeling guilty!

Dark Velvet Hot Chocolate Overnight Oatmeal 
with Toasted Pecans 
 (4 servings)

A: 1 C rolled oats + 1/2 C rye flakes (You can create your own cereal mixture, too! Try steel-cut oats, barley flakes,or quinoa flakes, and even mix in a little bit of flax or chia seeds)
    1/4 C  cocoa powder
    1 C     hot boiling water
    1 C     hot soy milk or your favourite type of milk

more soy milk

B: 3 T             palm sugar
    1/4 C + 2 T  roasted pecans, roughly broken into pieces
    1/4 C + 2 T  very dark chocolate, roughly chopped (I used 90% dark chocolate from Lindt)

*T = tablespoon, C = cup

1. Mix ingredients A in a tall glass jar. Close the lid and let it sit overnight in the refrigerator.

2. In the morning, take out the soaked oats and reheat it on the stove or in the microwave with the amount of milk you'd like.

3. Pour the oatmeal into each serving bowl, and divide ingredients B to sprinkle on top of each and enjoy!

                                                                                               - Yvonne


第一次嘗試這個食譜是前幾個星期去小木屋渡假的時後,本來只想把浸泡好的燕麥粥加熱,隨便做個楓糖杏仁燕麥粥來當早餐,結果看到小木屋廚房裡竟然有提供純可可粉(大概是給客人們泡熱可可或烘烤巧克力蛋糕用),我突然想到為何不將它加入燕麥粥來吃,像熱可可一樣,反正老公正好是個100%巧克力粉絲,而且他正好也帶了很多巧克力,順便偷切一些把它加在可可燕麥粥上。沒想到這個主意真的太棒了,不要說老公,連我自已對巧克力沒什麼特別的喜愛的人也愛上了它! ( ≧Д≦) 就這樣,回家之後決定把這個好吃的食譜分享給大家。可是大家看了這個圖片,大概會質疑這樣看似甜點的早餐,怎麼可能是健康的呢?其實100%純可可粉可是非常健康的食品,它含有許多的纖維、 鐵質、多種的礦物質、抗氧化劑與營養。它可以幫助高血壓、高膽固醇、肥胖者、或甚至憂鬱症患者。

除了可可粉之外、我使用的巧克力是含90%可可的黑巧克力,所以糖份比一般的巧克力少很多。至於做法是使用浸泡的方式 - overnight oats(可參考我的蘋果派免煮燕麥粥),不需要煮、非常容易也不費時間。只是巧克力和可可的品質非常重要,多花一點錢會是值得的。由於燕麥粥的糖份含量少,吃起來巧克力味道很濃、但又不會太甜,想簡肥的朋友們絕對可以安心食用喔~


A: 燕麥片 1 1/2 杯 (我其實在這裡使用的是1 杯燕麥片 + 1/2 杯黑麥片 - rye flakes,但是大家可以依照自己的喜好,放入不同的早餐麥片,如藜麥片、大麥片等,甚至加入一點亞麻籽或奇亞籽等等)
    純可可粉   1/4 杯
    滾燙熱水   1 杯
    熱豆漿      1 杯 (也可以使用牛奶或杏仁奶等)
豆漿 少許

B: 黑糖或紅糖   3 大匙
    胡桃或核桃   1/4 杯 + 2 大匙…稍微切碎
    黑巧克力      1/4 杯 + 2 大匙…稍微切碎 (我使用的是含90%可可的Lindt黑巧克力)

1. 將所有A料混合於玻璃罐中,蓋上蓋子並放於冰箱儲藏1個晚上。

2. 第二天早上將浸泡好的燕麥與一點豆漿放入鍋內或微波爐中加熱。*豆漿或牛奶的多少依各人喜愛燕麥粥的濃稠度而定。

3. 將加熱好的燕麥粥分別倒入碗中,再分別將B料分別撒在燕麥粥上即可! 

                                                                                              - Yvonne


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