Cauliflower Mac and Cheese with Bacon 焗烤花椰菜與培根通心麵

Having access to a kitchen while traveling, to me, is essential. We rarely stay in hotels; instead, we often book our stay with Airbnb. Staying and eating out in a metropolitan city like Copenhagen for almost two weeks can be quite costly. To spend our budget economically, I often choose lunch, rather than dinner, to eat out (since most restaurants offer special and more affordable lunch menus) and just a few nights out for dinner when we really want to enjoy the night view and hang out late.  

Instant Pot Honey Apple Sauce 蜂蜜蘋果泥 [微電腦節能快鍋版]

Apple sauce is something I always make myself, although it can be found very easily in stores. In the farmer's market here, you can buy a huge bag of local apples (about 12 lb) for just around Can$5, which is so perfect to use for making apple sauce! It's much more delicious, healthy, and economical to make it yourself. There's no fructose, corn syrup, sugar, chemicals (like ascorbic acid), or flavourings added. With the Instant Pot, this recipe I'm sharing is particularly easy. All you need to do is just peel, core, and cut the apples, and let the Instant Pot take care of the rest. Since it's the holiday season, it also makes a wonderful little gift for your friends and family.