Atayal Kitchen in Wulai 烏來泰雅廚房

Sometimes we can’t know that a certain place we visit may become one of the most meaningful memories later on in our lives. A few months ago, I wrote about the fish market town of Wanli, and just like Wanli, Wulai has a special place in my heart as well. It was one of those places that my father used to take us to visit a lot when we were growing up, and it was also one of the last places he took us to. When I went back to visit him last year because of his illness, despite his health condition, he was very eager to take us there to walk around Wulai Old Street and taste some native Taiwanese food.


Wulai Old Street 烏來老街

Entering the Wulai Old Street, we saw two choices for sausage vendors. One of them had an advertisement that said they were featured on TV, accompanied by a very long line of people. Since I tend to like rooting for the underdog, and as the weather was quite hot, we decided to go to the one across from the famous one to give their sausages a try. Though I can’t compare theirs with the other’s, it turned out to be quite good! It was nicely seasoned, juicy and not greasy, and was made with 100% wild mountain boar.

走進烏來老街口馬上就聞到香腸的香味,左手邊的雅各香腸,因為之前受電視採訪已被炒熱,所以大排長龍。然而在這樣炎熱的氣候下,已汗流夾背的我實在沒有什麼耐心去排隊 o(´^`)o,況且對面的月球香腸其實看起來也很不錯,就決定嚐試較不起眼的這家。我們選擇的是蒜味,它外層烤的很香,肉餡扎實且不會太鹹或油膩,是100%山豬肉做的~